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Messages of Faith within our Community.

Jacob's Testimony

“To make a long story short, I was living a fun post graduate life, partying, boating, working out, etc in 2018 when months of severe back pain led me to find out I had Testicular cancer. It was stage 3C Germ Cell Carcinoma. Had a melon sized cluster of tumors pressing between my kidneys that was causing the back pain, with other egg sized tumors throughout my abdomen, liver, and in my lungs. I had a heck of a community and support behind me, as well as a good attitude about it. With all the goodness of God, so clearly around me, I chose to ignore Him and take it head on in my own mind. I was in a state of me against the world, despite realizing the fact I was literally carried through the whole process by everyone else's love and prayers. After half a year of chemotherapy and a large abdominal surgery, I was in remission. They said no lifting for 6 months.... I waited about three weeks before I was back in Golds, pushing my limits to try and get back to normal.

Time passed, I was in and out of shape. No connection or relationship with the lord, or close to the one I had before college in high school that was short lived. Fast forward to last year. A special person was brought into my life. Showed me her love for God, and what His love did for her. It was perfect and it was everything I was missing in my life. She didn't force me to him, didn't even aim me towards him. It was through her that His love spoke directly to me and I decided to give him my all and seek an active relationship with God. My life has since been more complete than ever and I've never been in better shape. Even before sickness. It's never too late to find God. And I realize how blind I was to everything he was doing to reach out to me. I thank him every day for this woman in my life that showed me what true love looks like.... And it's a relationship with God first. Love God, love yourself, then love others the way he meant for us to.”

Messages of Faith within our Community.

Clyde's Testimony

“Growing up I would go to church with my family sometimes, but never really knew the true importance of building a relationship with God. For the longest time I didn’t know where to start or how to approach God. During my freshman year of college I was dealing with a lot and didn’t know my worth, my purpose, or why I existed. This put me in a very dark place. During this time I slowly started to reach out to God through prayer everyday. I began attending church on Sundays and made it a priority to study the word. I began to see changes. I felt more at peace, I felt a burden was lifted from my shoulders. God gave me the confidence and strength I needed. The overwhelming stress that had controlled my life for so long began to vanish. My relationship with God continues to grow everyday and I can’t imagine a life without him. He has already written the final page of everyone's journey and you must trust in him!”

Messages of Faith within our Community.

Megan's Testimony

“I grew up in a Christian household, but as we got older, my whole family, including myself started to stray away from God. During my first few years of college, I did a lot of partying, drinking, and was living my life however I wanted. During my junior year of college, the pressure of school and being a collegiate athlete really started to overwhelm me. I became very depressed and didn’t enjoy any of the things I used to love. My whole life revolves around volleyball. It was my favorite thing to do, but I even got to the point where I wanted to quit. I had worked my whole life to be where I was and I didn’t want to do it anymore. Later in the semester I met one of my best friends. She brought me back to church with her and introduced me to a new family. I started going to counseling and started going to church twice a week. I surrendered my self to Jesus, got re-baptized, and started living my life to glorify God. If it wasn’t for my friend helping me find my way back to God, I probably wouldn’t be here. I thank God every day for the community of people he’s given me. Even at your lowest, God is there 💙”

Messages of Faith within our Community.

Ian's Testimony

“I could talk about my struggle with sexual sin or substances and all that, but the root of each of those struggles lies in something deeper that I’ve always struggled with, my longing for the approval of others. When I was younger this desire lead me to being bullied by people who I considered my friends, I would let anyone and everyone walk all over me because I thought if I did that then somehow they’d actually want to care about me the way I did for them. I was made fun of for everything you can imagine, my humor, appearance, clothes, personality, you name it they said it. It wasn’t until senior year of high school that I decided to shut it all out and focus on what I wanted, I wanted to be get absolutely yoked. The opportunity I have had to better my myself physically and mentally is something I thank the Lord for daily. The gym is a chisel God used on me to shape me into who I am today, a man who seeks to follow Jesus.”

Messages of Faith within our Community.

Branden's Testimony

“As a kid I was a ‘Christian’, well, let’s just say I was going to church when my mom forced me to. As I got older, through all of the bullying, and an extremely toxic relationship, I found myself distant from God, which caused me to go down a path of self destruction. I won’t get into detail but I will say I was with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things. June 7th 2017 I decided it was time to get my life together. This is when I started working out. This also is when I started listening to motivational speeches, and started writing quotes and speeches in my free time. I was obsessed to say the least. Time passes and I’m about 6 months from graduating high school and my parents want me to go to college, so we settle on a tech school to be an aircraft mechanic. I hated the school with a passion, for the first 3 months, until we got a new teacher. He was the one who told me about Jesus in a way I’ve never heard before, and I got saved later that night. Since then I have noticed doors that don’t make me happy closing, and doors that I’ve only dreamed about opening. I can’t stress the importance of following God’s plan for your life enough! This is what changed my life.”

Messages of Faith within our Community.

Christian's Testimony

“Hi! I’m Christian. I’m 23 and I work for Verizon in wireless sales. I’ve been following God for all my life since my mom was a pastor but it wasn’t until recently that I had real revelation of who Christ is and what he’s doing in my life and in the world. I come from a home where religion was king but it was a false front of religion. My parents did terrible things even as they were serving in the ministry field and eventually I was taken from them and placed in the care of my Nana who is the closest thing to an Angel I have on this Earth. Seeing my parents abuse religion and Christ’s pure gospel in such a way caused me to have deep doubts in my faith and it was a major reason I ran from Christ when I got out of the house. Recently though Christ redeemed me and restored my identity in Him. He tore down the false pillars of religion I had built in my heart and head and build a true pure relationship with him in which I look to Christ for my everything. He is my only identity and the only thing is seek to build in this world. He’s made me kingdom minded and given me unique tools to continue to building his kingdom and I can’t wait to see where he takes me in the future 🙏🏻”

Messages of Faith within our Community.

Courtney's Testimony

“Hey everyone, my name is Courtney Clark. When I was 10 years old, I lost my dad from stage 4 brain cancer. My dad was a big church goer and was always taking us to church on Sundays. He was an amazing dad and I miss him everyday. Because of my dad, I’ve pretty much believed in God my entire life but it wasn’t until my last year of college that I really pursued my relationship with Him.

When I first got to college, I went through a very dark time. I was in an extremely toxic relationship and it broke me from the inside out.
I was also battling with multiple eating disorders. Having all of that combined made me SO angry at God. Most of my prayers at the time were me yelling and crying in anger at God. I felt empty and purposeless. I started becoming a party animal… Partying 4 nights a week. The goal those nights were to black out. I even ended up in the hospital because I was so drunk, I fell out of a car face first onto concrete. But at the same time I was partying, I was also starting to get involved more with weight lifting.

God knew what He was doing when He introduced me to weightlifting. I fell MADLY in love with it. At the time, I thought it was the weightlifting that was making me whole again. But it was God, giving me the tools and the strength to feel whole again. Once I started really getting into weightlifting, I started to show up to church every Sunday by myself. From there, that’s when things kept progressing in my relationship with Him. Senior year of college I fully dedicated my life to God and fitness and that’s what I’ve been pursing ever since.”

Messages of Faith within our Community

Landen's Testimony

“I was working out in college, but after Covid hit, I lost all motivation! I not only was lacking in the gym, but also with my walk with God. With all the gyms closed, and I only had the choice of working out at my house, but had no motivation. Once I joined holstrength, I not only rekindled my love for working out, but also my love for Christ! I’ve been working out at my house daily and continually pursuing my walk with Christ, and it is all due to my experience with everyone in this community!”⁣⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Daniel's Testimony

“So first I’m Daniel Wesley age 22 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana I’ve been catholic my whole life but never really experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit until I was 17⁣⁣
Prior to my first experience I was a senior in high school. Playing sports and living the normal life when everything changed. I was driving on November 27th 2016 when I saw a woman get pushed out of her car and the car leave. I got out to help her and discovered she has been shot. While I was helping her the guy who shot her came back hit my with his car and shot me again. Shattering my right arm breaking my left femur. ⁣⁣
Being that I was 17 at the time most people were skeptical about my relationship with the Lord. They felt that I should blame him for what happened but I never did. I blamed myself. My doctors were telling me how I wouldn’t be able to walk by graduation or compete in any sports due to my injuries. Through a lot of prayers and hard work and overall blessings from God not only did I walk at graduation, I competed during track the same year. I’m now in the navy as a mechanic and I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without all the struggles I have been through.”⁣⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Curtis's Testimony

“After loosing my uncle back in December of 2019 I did not believe that God was real, I blamed him for the death of my uncle because why would he let that happen? After losing my uncle I became homeless and my brother had went to the military so I was a bit alone. Me and my dad do have not have the best relationship and I tried to go live with him but he treated me bad and he denied me. After this I became homeless to the point where I was sleeping in my car every day for months could not even take a shower because of COVID and all the gyms were closed. I’ve started to hang around other people who were in similar situations like me who were into drugs and eventually I’ve started to do drugs everyday with them. I felt so low that I even tried to kill myself trying to overdose on drugs which led me into the hospital in 2020. In august of 2020 I’ve met this guy who introduced me to God. He was like an angel that picked me up and dusted me off. Emotionally he was there for me and I needed that. In that same month after meeting the guy he introduced me into his church, where my life changed forever. Immediately going to his church I felt love from the community. I felt God’s presence, that he was working in this moment. As I started to become regularly adapting to the church I’ve began going to church on Wednesday and Sunday’s and I remind you before going to church I was homeless and a druggy who had no goals or faith in anything. As soon as I started to live my life through God the next month I was blessed with my own first apartment by myself and great amazing job. Yes after one month. With God I learned to be fearless and pray on everything I have overcome in my life. God has given me the strength that everything I was doing was temporary and the bigger picture was to come and it did.”⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Caleb's Father: Tommy

“My dad has always been “strong” to me. It’s easy to tell by looking at him. But in his battle with cancer he has showed me what “strong” really is! That is the strength of faith. No matter what hits, he gives it straight to the Lord and never flinches. In the toughest of times or moments of weakness he knows the Lord is the strongest there is. To me it has been one of the most inspirational and valuable lessons that I will forever carry with me.”⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Emma's Testimony

For years I struggled with masturbation and phonography thinking I was the ONLY girl in the world who struggled with this…I am not. The Lords strength lifted me up from the hole the devil told me I was living in, I was isolated in his self destructing thoughts. That was until I was reminded of the STRENGTH God holds. This is the power to lift you up from the hole of lies and destructive thoughts from the devil, and removing those to be filled with truth from God’s word. If you are in a position of life where you are living in the hole of isolation and shame, I am here telling you right now that you are NOT alone. The Strength God holds is BIGGER and STRONGER than the shame you feel that is holding you down.⁣

We serve a God who already defeated the grave by sending his son to die for you. This means that shame, guilt, feeling alone, or hopelessness (many more) DO NOT hold a place in your beautiful heart. ⁣
This may be a lie you have believed for years, as was I in that place. ⁣
Today I am telling you, with Jesus you are FREE from the chains that feel so heavy. Let the STRENGTH of our father lift those chains off of your shoulders, and be free today in the security of our powerful God. ⁣
Yes and Amen⁣

Deuteronomy 20:4:⁣
‘For the LORD your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.’⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Jake's Testimony

“In my life, I have found myself in the valley like David facing Golioth! I have experienced like many of you the anxeity, fear, depression, and worry, while facing battles! But there was a time I faced my biggest giant.. I had no where to run, I felt so alone. I was so depressed and full of anxiety. I was getting no sleep, losing lots of weight. I was 120lbs, my mind was full of constant thoughts! I could hear the words not good enough, worthless, failure. It got to the point where I was in the corner of my dining room crying while filming my goodbye video... In that moment I felt a peace fall upon me and I felt the lord give me strength and in my deepest darkest moment I turned to him and the first verse I read as soon as I opened my Bible app, front page verse of the day was. "having cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares about you.1 Peter 5:7 So when you feel like giving up ask yourself "Where do you derive your strength from?" Give it to the one that goes with you in battle to give you victory against your giants! TODAY God is my rock, I have been in the gym and healthy at 160lbs! Keep up the fight! YOU GOT THIS!”⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Jadon's Testimony

“About a couple weeks ago me and a buddy were working out and doing our usual thing, A guy who goes there quite often and always talked to us and super friendly asked us if he had a minute. We listened to his testimony and it touched me in a way i can’t explain, he then asked us the question if we want to let Jesus into our bodies and heart, i didn’t hesitate to say yes. he then saved me and my friend and in that moment i felt something i can’t describe. I always have been a Christian and went to church in the past but i stopped going about a year ago. It was awesome because i was saved in a place i love being in and i think surrounding myself with like minded Christians has been such a blessing.” ⁣

Messages of Faith within our Community

Dillon's Testimony

“So I was just lazy and did not give it my all to strengthen myself and better myself with the Lord. A few months back I spoke with him and looked at my life. I saw that I could be doing way better not only for myself, but for everyone around me and the Lord himself! So I started eating better, taking lifting/my sport more serious, bettering myself for my loved ones and my relationship with the Lord. These past few months I have felt so good, and I thank the Lord for working through me to feel like this.”

Messages of Faith within our Community

Sam's Testimony

“During this time, Covid-19 has made it difficult for me to build a relationship with God due to the churches near me closing. But one bible verse that helps me through my everyday life is Joshua 1:9 which is, Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the lord your God will be with you wherever you go. This verse means a lot to me because although I may not feel his presence all the time, I know he is always guiding me in the right direction.”⁣⁣⁣