Verse of the Week - August 13th 2023

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."

-Proverbs 16:9

Proverbs 16:9 reminds us that while our hearts devise these paths, it is ultimately the Lord who directs our steps. This verse teaches us to embrace both the act of planning and the surrender to divine guidance. Our intentions and ambitions are important, but acknowledging the sovereignty of God is equally crucial. We should aspire, work hard, and make plans for our lives, yet remain open to the greater wisdom of the Creator. In doing so, we find a harmonious balance between our will and God's providence. The journey becomes a partnership, where our efforts align with God's purpose, leading to outcomes beyond what we could imagine. As we venture forward, let us trust in the One who orders our steps and brings to fruition the plans of both our hearts and His divine design.

Question of the week

Have you ever had a moment when your plans got a surprise twist, and things turned out even better? How did you feel about letting go and trusting in a bigger plan? Share your stories and thoughts! Let's chat about balancing our ambitions with life's unpredictable journey.


Thank you God for HolStrength! My testimony is actually about my just turned 16 yr old son. He was felt a pretty bad deck of cards going into high school with a coach that was upset with how things panned out with my oldest and playing basketball his last year of high school. He chose to work and prepare himself for his adventure into The United States Airforce. Unfortunately the frustration was taken out on my youngest who went Into high school the following year. He did not get chosen for his basketball team freshman year no r sophomore year. My son is 6’5 and is a dominant force in AAU basketball but as that coach expressed “NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY” . My son is very passionate for Jesus and I recommended praying on it and he did quite alot. He decided to leave that High Schhol where he has been with all his friends since day 1 and go to a different school which happens to have a STEM program and so happens to be a rival to his old school. The best part is that the coach at his new school is a Christian man and also coached him all summer with the AAU team. Point being is we thought about him switching schools well before his decision, and we were totally against it, but the Good Lord directed our steps in exactly the way we were not expecting. Biggest thing is we all listened and saw the blessing that was unexpectedly given to all of us

Dave August 15, 2023

I think you’re doing a wonderful job thank you god for the blessing

Korone Baker August 15, 2023

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