Verse of the Week - August 20th 2023

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God."

- Philippians 4:6

Philippians 4:6 offers valuable advice on dealing with anxiety and worry. In a world where stress often seems unavoidable, this verse provides a practical approach to finding peace. It encourages us to replace our anxieties with prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving. This approach suggests that by focusing on what we are grateful for and seeking guidance through prayer, we can alleviate the weight of our concerns.

Question of the Week: 

Did you find yourself relying on prayer and a grateful perspective when dealing with stress? How do you envision incorporating this verse in your future, especially when life gets difficult?


I have to rely on God every day. My marriage was on a thin line. I have a son who is deaf, blind with multiple disabilities. I was dealing with anxiety, oppression, depression, fear, panic attack you name it.
I remember this being one of my verse I would quote late in the mid night hour. When every everywhere around me was dark. I was in such fear!! I would fall asleep hugging my Bible like my life depending on it.
Be anxious for anything Esmeralda but in everything Pray!!
I relied so much in this verse thank all I do is give him Thanks and I’m so grateful to my Lord for all He has done, Is doing, and continues to do 🙏🏼

Esmeralda August 22, 2023

This hit home!!! My son was lost to drugs for 9 years. I was at my breaking point. GOD was listening to me and a movie called the War Room came up on TICTOK I watched it started writing to GOD and praying and I have my baby back and has given his life to GOD. He just turned 24. Yes 9 years!!! GOD is Amazing. Please continue to have faith.

llj August 21, 2023

For a long time, God has blessed me with a heart and mind that typically just, doesn’t do… anxiety? If that makes sense, haha!

At the same time, I think the prayer and supplication for asking what we need is vital. He knows all that I could ever want and need, but sometimes He waits to give it to me until I ask for it. This forces me to rely on Him for good things and know that they come only from Him.

Gives and takes away…

Silas Garrison August 21, 2023

I find that perspective plays a huge role in every situation throughout life. Our mood reflect the feelings and ways that we journey through our life. When we remain positive and steadfast by praying and spreading God’s love and joy to the people we encounter, we can turn our focus to the important aspects of our life. Life is not easy and we find that our worry and anxiety causes us to feel defeated, but when we choose to lay down our burdens and surrender ourselves at the cross, God takes away our heaviness and allows us to see his beauty through the friends we meet, our communities, and through our work.

Anna Frerker August 21, 2023

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