Verse of the Week - July 23rd 2023

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." - Matthew 6:33 (ESV)

Let us prioritize seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness above all else. Instead of being consumed by worldly concerns and desires, let us focus our hearts and minds on aligning with God's will and living according to His principles. As we seek God's kingdom first, we can trust that He will provide for our needs and bless us abundantly.

Challenge for the week:

This week, I challenge you to evaluate your priorities and make a conscious effort to seek God first in all areas of your life. Consider how your decisions, time, and resources reflect this pursuit. Redirect your focus from worldly pursuits and dedicate intentional time to seeking God, studying His Word, and aligning your actions with His righteousness. 

Comment below one activity you can add or remove from your weekly routine to refocus your pursuit.


I love running and as a member of my college cross country team, I love to pray a rosary before a race on the team bus and always listen to K-love radio when I am working out. I also have started spending 30 minutes in adoration, whether that is in my church’s adoration chapel or in my room.

Anna Frerker July 31, 2023

As my wife and I are attempting to buy our own facility for training, I need to remember to come to God first for my needs, instead of trying to make all of it happen on my own. Spend more time in prayer and seeking Him, so that I know what I am supposed to do. Stop trying to find answers in my own head on how to handle the situation.

Chris July 25, 2023

I always love to move for the Lord. I love playing guitar and singing for the our God. Another activity I would add is prayer and bible study time. Devotionals are really helpful and I would like to be strong in prayer and in spirit. This is my move for Jesus. Continue to praise him, believe in him, and have faith in his love so that he mag guide us. To all, continue and be strong in the Lord. He is with you always and will continue to guide you. Amen✝️🙏🏼

Justin July 24, 2023

I want to learn to trust him. To trust he is guiding every step of my life. To be patient and not fear.

Msmontanez July 24, 2023

I begin each day with my devotionals in the Bible App, then in the evenings I spend 15-20 minutes in my physical Bible.

I read one Psalm & one Proverb each day, & I will also read one chapter in whatever book we are studying at Church.

I surround my training with prayer & praise/worship music, all the young kids at the gym refer to me as the “Church guy” because I’m always taking opportunities to encourage the younger guys to come to church or a prayer meeting.

It’s our duties as Christ driven men to spread the word & always encourage one another.

Jeffrey Smith July 24, 2023

I will spend more time reading the Bible and less time binge watching tv and shows that add no value to my life. I want to make a habit of remembering Jesus throughout my day. Especially when I feel frustrated at work, or in traffic, in my daily chores. I want to remember Him more by setting a reminder on my watch every few minutes to stop and pause to give praise to His Holy mama!

Crystal Peters July 24, 2023

Social media easily between instagram and tik tok I spend 3-4 hours on my phone. Instead of that I need to use that time to grow my relationship with God

Hunter July 24, 2023

A very crucial change I need to make is to stop scrolling on social media. Filling my mind with constant instant gratification is very unhealthy I believe and I need to bring a stop to it. I should focus more on studying God’s word and studying more frequently.

Nate July 24, 2023

One thing I can remove from my life is being on social media so much, God says do not create false idols. With me constantly being in my phone I am prioritizing my phone over him. I will try to do better and pray more.

Donald Lewis July 24, 2023

I need to pray more and stop trying to control my own life when I just need to let god do his work

Will braddy July 24, 2023

One thing I will do is read the Bible more often my plan is to try to read the Bible in one week.

Hunter Dodge July 24, 2023

When I’m struggling and having a rough time or day, I try to focus on Jesus and remember that He is guiding me through all my trials. When I’m through that, I focus on praising Him and thanking Him for giving me those blessings.

Ruth Tedtman July 24, 2023

Spend time with God first and above all else, making it the first and last things I do during my day, as opposed to going straight to my phone or other worldly desires right as I wake up

Logan July 24, 2023

I can become more disciplined in going to bed at a decent hour. Waking up well rested, I can get back to having intimate time in the word before work.
We have a screened in porch and going out there first thing after I wake up really brings his peace into my day.
Lord, I want to invite you into my day each morning. May I step into my day with a mind set on things above 🙏🏼💛

Lilly July 24, 2023

One thing I want to add is prioritizing starting my day with reading the word and putting Jesus first That way because when I leave it for later it’s too easy to forget.

Emma July 24, 2023

One thing I could add to my routine to refocus on God is to incorporate daily prayer and meditation. By setting aside dedicated time each day to connect with God through prayer, I can deepen my spiritual relationship and find solace and guidance in His presence. Additionally, incorporating meditation into my routine can help quiet my mind, allowing me to be more receptive to God’s messages and teachings. Whether it’s in the morning, during a break, or before bed, carving out time for prayer and meditation can provide a daily anchor for refocusing on God.

Jabe Andrews July 24, 2023

I believe that having God’s Word and blessings constantly in your ear can help keep you focused on Him even when you’re having to do another task. I can refocus my pursuit of Him by having worship music playing even while I’m at work or doing chores.

Connor T. July 24, 2023

I’m going to add a morning Bible reading session for everyday. Reading only before bed isn’t enough for me.

Joseph July 24, 2023

My goal is to turn my frustrations into a prayer cry. Instead of being angry at the world, to give God room to work and show me who He is

Amber July 24, 2023

Waking up each day and genuinely thanking God for the gift of a new day.

Alan July 24, 2023

Pray with my wife every evening to strengthen our marriage.

Dennis July 24, 2023

Just started a social media fast. It’s the second time I’ve done one and it is such an eye opening experience. It opens up so much more time that I didn’t even realize I was wasting. Both times I have devoted my “new found” free time to a Bible study.

Beth July 24, 2023

Everyone including me puts off reading the word a lot to do something that you think gives you more enjoyment like tv or movies but we need to give out time if our day to God just because of everything he does and has done for us so we need to set these distractions aside to get to know the father better 🙏🏼

Ethan Simpson July 24, 2023

Before I go to the gym the first thing in the morning I’m going to kneel in reverence to God and devote my time to him to set the day off in the best way possible.

Logan Hunt July 24, 2023

Prioritizing God’s word first thing in the morning will set the tone for my day. This will help eliminate any possibilities for excuses later in the day when trying to find the time to devote to prayer and His word.

Holli July 24, 2023

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