Verse of the Week - July 23rd 2023

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." - Matthew 6:33 (ESV)

Let us prioritize seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness above all else. Instead of being consumed by worldly concerns and desires, let us focus our hearts and minds on aligning with God's will and living according to His principles. As we seek God's kingdom first, we can trust that He will provide for our needs and bless us abundantly.

Challenge for the week:

This week, I challenge you to evaluate your priorities and make a conscious effort to seek God first in all areas of your life. Consider how your decisions, time, and resources reflect this pursuit. Redirect your focus from worldly pursuits and dedicate intentional time to seeking God, studying His Word, and aligning your actions with His righteousness. 

Comment below one activity you can add or remove from your weekly routine to refocus your pursuit.


I will start by removing the excess use on my phone. If I got time for social media, then I got no excuses and definitely have time for my creator. So adding accountability to my daily routine and discipline.

Evie H July 24, 2023

Continue putting God first, stepping out of that comfort zone and pray for others and any prayer requests they may have. The Word of God says where two or three are gathered there He shall also be. Power of prayer 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Gloria July 24, 2023

When faced with an adversity or a trial throughout the day, I want my first thought to be about what God would do and to respond the way He would want me to. To pray though it and to have my response reflect Him

Liz July 24, 2023

Last 9 months I have been working out my faith with the only goal of being one with Jesus again. To have a real relationship with him. So I go to pastoral counseling and therapy once a week to help me find my path again.

Manny De Silvia July 24, 2023

I will start doing daily devotions and start the day with a prayer.

Kristy July 24, 2023

I can set more time aside in the morning when I wake up to pray and being with God before my day starts so make sure I have a prepared mindset for the day ahead

Mykena July 24, 2023

Start my day off first with surrendering to God and giving everything to Him. Sometimes I don’t surrender all my worries, desires, or needs to Him right away as I wake up in the morning. I notice if I do it as soon as I wake up that the rest of my day goes much smoother and I feel at peace with everything as soon as I’m done giving it up. Lately, I’ve been praying later in the day but I notice that by delaying it that I am carrying burdens that I don’t need to. Praying on my knees and surrendering to God has done amazing things already for me. The peace I feel from it is incredible and I would hope that everyone else discovers this too. The ultimate strength and help we need is by surrendering all of what we are and want to God.

Caroline Thompson July 24, 2023

Devote more time to the word and prayer, so I can get closer to The Lord.

Joey Crist July 24, 2023

Wake up early and start the day with thanks and study and prayer. And seek Gods will today and everyday. My problem is waking up early . I do better when my kids are in school but summer break went down the drain. But i am going to do better! 💪🏽 no excuses. God first above everything else !

Shelina July 24, 2023

Starting a prayer journal and spending more time in prayer during my night routine as well as the time I spend during my morning quiet time.

Kailee Godinez July 24, 2023

Prayer through out the day, make time to read the Bible- have discussions about Jesus and the Bible with others

Christian July 24, 2023

Seek him first, leave it all to him

Ron July 24, 2023

One activity I can add to my weekly routine is to spend more time reading the bible. To get a better understanding of god and his plan for us.

David July 24, 2023

One activity I would like to add is more upbeat Christian songs to my workout playlist.

Jedidiah Feaster July 24, 2023

One activity I’m battling to remove is my addiction of weed. I really fell for the idea that it’s harmless. The enemy had me blinded and bounded. A new habit I’ve been trying to add is signing up for a plan through the Bible app and making it a point to complete them. They’re so simple, but the simplicity of it all brings so such much power through my day.

Jose July 24, 2023

Add the practice of understanding scripture. So many of us, myself included, attend church, read our bibles, etc. but not many of us truly take the time to hear the words of the preacher/scripture. The Bible is a living book, so if we take the time and effort out of our day, it will speak to us.

Landon July 24, 2023

Show more gratitude to the Lord for everything he has done!

Kerrick July 24, 2023

I won’t open my phone until after my devotions. It’s too easy to get sucked into the hard things of life because of the access of technology. I will strive to prepare my heart before facing the challenges that come with technology.

Bradley L July 24, 2023

By not trying to control situations that are out of my control and giving it to the Lord!!!

Nicole July 24, 2023

Take 10 Minutes out of your day for the next 10 Days and Pray. Trust that this will make a move and your prayers will be answered, and you will slowly develop the habit of making sure you pray for AT LEAST 10 minutes a day. And turn on some instrumental worship as you pray, but stay focused on your prayers.

Ian July 24, 2023

Most evenings after the kids are in bed, my husband and I fall into the trap of mindlessly watching tv until we fall asleep. I’d love to take that time (or even a piece of that time) and spend it intentionally in the Word with him.

Alyssa July 24, 2023

One weekly activity I want to add to my routine to glorify God is to sit down and have a family bible study with my 3 kids and my husband. To really dive into scripture in a way that even my 5 year old can understand.

Brittany Warner July 24, 2023

Start my day with a scripture and remind myself to trust Gods plan for me and not worry about daily struggles that try to take my eyes off Him and His will for my life

Lorenzo Quiroz July 24, 2023

We all can get caught up with the busyness of our everyday obligations. Some times we want to escape into a good book, watch movies or mindless t.v. Instead of utilizing that time for mindless activities; we can pray and focus on the goodness of God. Reading scripture and perhaps journaling. That’s what I will do this week and apply it everyday.

Vanessa Blount July 24, 2023

I will add prayer to the middle of the day. Not just in the morning and in the evening.

Marcelino Martinez July 24, 2023

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